Workflow System for Product Innovation

Every startup or organization deserves a good workflow management process that is well automated to help solve problems, streamline businesses and increase overall productivity.

It is one innovative and effective process that helps teams focus more on actual work while the system takes care of the processes that guide them. This is literally the Grupa way.

In this article, I am going to take you through a journey to better understand

  • Workflow management and system
  • The challenges of workflow automation and how to overcome them
  • What workflow should feel like
  • The benefits it will bring to your startup or organization
  • The Grupa product workflow process

Workflow management involves how a task is designed with a set of rules for guidance and identifying actions through automation or otherwise. Several tasks need to be done to achieve certain outcomes. These tasks are designed for workflow relative to how an organization operates.

A workflow management system is a unique tool created or designed to help businesses effectively manage their operation that leads to efficiency. Every organization needs a workflow management system that sets them up for success. By this, it involves the creation of data that assigns tasks to different people and ensures work is done through an automated process.

Automation Challenges: How to overcome

Workflow automation might sound like an easy task to do, but is it? As an essential part of digital transformation, it requires a great deal of planning and preparation to ensure success in business operations. With automation, the challenges faced during development can be reduced by:

Streamlining business processes

The awareness of being able to simplify or eliminate unnecessary work-related tasks improves efficiency in organizations especially during product development and the use of modernized technologies.

By streamlining business processes and workflow through automation, you get to enjoy several benefits like better time management, risk minimization, improved productivity.

Efficient adoption

Bringing in technologies that align with your organization’s goal and value is key. This way it helps improve work life and productivity.

No one wants to be stuck with adopting software that is complex to understand and has zero or no benefits.

To avoid poor adoption through automation, inform or educate your team about the importance and purpose of implementing new technology and how beneficial it’ll be for the organization.

Automating an efficient process

If your organization has an inefficient process, automation won’t magically make it awesome overnight. You need to understand your processes, study and analyze them, fix their inefficiencies, and ensure that they’re good enough to get automated before pushing towards it.

Laying a solid foundation for your organization through an efficient process will ensure maximum automation performance and quality.

What should a great workflow feel like?

Generally, people want to get work done in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Whether working alone or in a team, productivity and efficiency is what anyone should strive for. It only becomes easier when there’s a system that guides us. Yes! “Us” me inclusive. This is because when there’s no organization and prioritization of what’s most important, we tend to be less productive.

A great workflow should be simple enough to keep everyone on the same page and help teams make the best decisions and use of their time.

Creating an environment where people do their best work in the best way! That’s what a solid workflow should feel like. At Grupa, it’s more of a platform for not just teams to do their best work but also for product owners to build their products in the best way.

Workflow management: The benefits to organizations

In this age of innovation, every startup or organization needs workflow management because of the value it adds in structuring how a business operates and the general insights it gives about your business process.

Improvement in product quality

Workflow automation plays a vital role in product quality as it helps minimize errors, increases efficiency, and improves business processes especially when it comes to task allocation and job distribution based on skillset.

For example, the Grupa platform is automated in such a way it is able to select the best-fit talent teams for aspiring startup owners who want to build products. The team chosen will also have the best skillset needed for this execution.

Improved communication

The importance of having a solid communication process cannot be overemphasized in any organization. Poor communication flow brings about disconnection and setbacks especially in work settings where there is no flexible structure.

This is why workflow management is essential because it helps bridge the gap of miscommunication. It brings about workflow visibility that leads to transparency, accountability, and trust across the board. For example, Team members end up knowing:

  • New task availability
  • Time frame
  • Task allocation

This workflow management visibility for work will help run daily operations effectively and hence improve communication.

Improved customer service

Your customers are the reason why you are in business. It is important to always find a better, easier, and faster way to respond to their complaints or feedback.

Good workflow management will help improve customer service and experience and ensure that your customers are satisfied at all times.

Time Management and Cost minimization

It is no doubt that an efficient automated process will save you time and money. It is also important to know the type of software automation that suits your organization’s value.

According to a survey conducted by Smartsheet on Time management, over 70% of workers say automated processes reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks while 60% of workers could save 6 or more hours of work through automation.

Another survey by Forbes on cost minimization estimates cost savings to be 40 — 75% with good payback ranging from several months to years.

The Grupa platform is key on these aspects and that is why for instance, Product iteration takes about 5 — 8 weeks to complete on the platform compared to an average of 12 weeks it takes for other organizations. This will help innovators build their products easier and faster while eliminating wasted time and saving money.

Automated Workflows: The Benefits to organizations

The use of multiple great tools in a platform helps provide continuous process improvement and efficient day-to-day operations. It is also beneficial in other ways like:

Improved collaboration

On Grupa, product teams and product owners collaborate in the best way possible because there is workflow management that works. This has helped both parties work effectively and efficiently, share documents and review them seamlessly as their collaboration ensures every work is done on the platform.

Improved efficiency

Through automated workflow, businesses can save a reasonable amount of time as productivity is increased and operational costs reduced. Workflow management system ensures there is a standard way of work and procedures are met, reduction in the number of errors that are data-related, and provides insights for better tracking.

Easy integration with other cloud-based applications

A good workflow management system allows for easy integration of other cloud-based tools into the platform to ease work and increase productivity.

Recently at Grupa, we were able to integrate Jumio into our platform to help ease the onboarding flow of our talent teams and validate their KYC (know your customer).

This was achieved seamlessly because our management system works! An outdated system will find it difficult to integrate with others.

The Grupa product workflow process

To deliver a great product, The Grupa platform has a unique workflow process that works to help build products easier, faster, and more efficiently.

We have built a system that follows our business process, aligns with our core values, automates workflow, and still manages development all in one place while still promising execution speed, product quality, idea security, and product innovation.

As awesome as it sounds, it’s why we pride ourselves as an innovative organization empowering other aspiring innovators to build the next big thing on the internet through our ecosystem.


Startup owners who want to build great products have different ideas of how they want their startup to be. At this stage, they are basically just ideas waiting to become a reality anytime soon.

The Grupa workflow process ensures that these ideas are well understood perfectly by. the tech talent teams who are basically the best fit teams chosen through the efficient automated process of the Grupa workflow management system.


The importance of design sprint ensures that ideas are well tested with potential customers to be able to solve the problems or challenges that may be faced when the product is fully out to the market.

With 3–5 days being used on the Grupa platform for design sprint planning, it allows for the chosen tech teams to understand the problem, ideate, decide, prototype and lastly test the product to get relevant feedback from users.


Imagine having an efficient workflow management system that is fully automated to ensure that every stage of a product development process is done seamlessly and with ease? I know that sounds awesome! and that is why startup owners are focused on using the Grupa platform to build their products.

From effectively being able to select a tech team which consists primarily of a Front end, Back end, QA engineer, Product Designer, and a Product Manager, to the product being developed against the design, effective collaboration between the product owner and talented team to the product being fully ready for deployment.


To have all the necessary steps, processes, and activities ready for a product software or update to be available to its users is as great as it sounds.

Grupa’s talent team helps create efficient workflows that enable easier and faster deployment of product software updates that are accessible to users.

Nevertheless, these teams can still help integrate other cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWB) so that products can still be deployed into live environments.

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