How to build great products

Realistically, great companies are built on great and quality products. It is almost impossible to be a global and recognized company if your product isn’t working and best believe marketing is not a shortcut to bypass a poorly built product.

Building a great product takes time, patience, a great talent team and not so surprisingly a series of failed outcomes and learning through that process.

Generally, you will need to be a lover of designs, have a thing or two for a seamless user experience, and also be innovative to say the least. Information wise, you will also need to be kept up to date with the latest trending, useful and functional technological tools that will be beneficial in building your product.

That being said, there are certain concepts which I will highlight below which when applied, ensures that you build a great product like we do at Grupa.

Focus on your vision and mission

Overtime, more ideas will pop up and you will feel the need to add more features or change certain things when building your product and that’s fine! But it is also important you do not deviate from your product’s vision regardless of any change that occurs in the long run.

Keep it simple

Simplicity will always put your product on a head start to success. According to a survey by the World’s Simplest Brands, 55% of customers are willing to pay more for simpler experiences while 64% of customers are likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications and lastly $98 billion is being left on the table when brands don’t simplify.

Customers already face complex problems and it’s for this reason you are building your product to help them ease through their worries.

Hence, make it simple and easy to use! A thousand added features doesn’t mean your product is great, it is indeed also dependent on how easy your customers communicate with your product.

Build the right product & build the product right

To Build the right product, it must be market-fit. Through research, prioritizing, opportunities and analytics, you should be able to know if there’s a need for your product in the market.

In building the product right, technology, engineering, design and process play vital roles in ensuring a great product is developed.

Be your own customer

You as a startup owner and your product team are the very first customers of your product. There should be a constant need to always check your product very often and put yourself in your customer’s shoes as you navigate your product.

Certainly, you can’t lie to yourself as this will help you spot out problems first hand, find solutions, and know which features need to be added and removed.

Iterate to success

Great products over the years have iterated to success. It is very rare to hear a great product became successful on the first try. When your product gets launched, you get the most valuable feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. This will help put a direct focus on building a certain aspect of what people want.

How we build products at Grupa

Building great products is hard and Grupa wants to make it easy! This is why we have built a well functioning ecosystem that helps innovators build their products in the easiest and best way possible.

What’s the trick? Relax and read through

Your product idea is valid! — Tell us about it

Your idea can only become a reality if you are ready to build on it. Luckily, we have the best product teams ready to execute at top speed. Hence, Communicate your idea with us and get matched with the best fit team to drive innovation.

Product team selection

The choice is all yours! You have the liberty to select a great product team after being matched with the top 5 best fit teams within minutes. Awesome right? Grupa is awesome!

Collaborate! Collaborate!! Collaborate!!!

Every stage involved in the development of your product from design, roadmapping, support, will be well communicated with you by your product team while the management tool of the Grupa platform ensures that the best collaboration is happening between the startup owner and product team at every development process.

Track product development & launch

In a stretched bid for more effective collaboration and communication, you get to receive regular updates and information about the progress and recent state of your product all in your custom dashboard.


In developing that great product, the product team builds in meaningful iterations. When feedback is gotten from iteration, changes will be implemented on the next iteration.

Want to know more on how we build great products? Dive in.



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